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The Tampa cardiovascular physicians and employees at Tampa Cardiovascular Associates are committed to providing our patients with the best available programs for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of artery and vein diseases.

Our physicians maintain Board Certifications and are Affiliate Associate Professors in the USF College of Medicine, Department of Cardiology Our office labs are certified by ICAEL, ICANL, and ICAVL. Our advanced in-office testing includes a Phillips iE33 which allows us to perform 3D echocardiograms along with strain and speckle tracking. We also perform stress echocardiograms, nuclear stress testing (using a GVI nuclear stress machine which allows the patient the comfort of sitting up during testing), exercise stress testing, micro T wave Alternans, electrocardiograms, Holter monitoring, event monitoring, tilt table testing, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, and pacemaker/ICD checks.

We also specialize in peripheral vascular evaluation. In office testing includes carotid ultrasound, peripheral artery disease evaluation (both at rest and post exercise), venous studies (including vein mapping to better evaluate vein disease), aortic aneurysm evaluation, and renal artery evaluation.
In the office, we offer treatment of vein disease in the legs including conservative treatment and ablation procedures.

Hospital services include cardiac catheterization, coronary and peripheral angioplasty and stenting, transesophageal echocardiograms and cardioversions, thrombectomies (clot removal), IVC filters, pacemakers, and AICD implantations. We also participate in the NIH sponsored trial for DVT treatments. Our office nutritionist offers counseling to aid in better control of diabetes, dyslipidemia, and renal failure.

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